Introduction to M.A.S.T. Course

Avalanche education is a lot like learning to drive, it is a graduated process that takes time and commitment. Our courses are designed to have a hands-on approach focusing on application of knowledge in the field to get the highest degree of retention for our students. We like to ride with our students every day while applying knowledge we instructed in the class to the field components, ripping up the pow!

M.A.S.T. Courses require a minimum of 5 students for custom bookings and a minimum of 6 students for private classes. If we travel outside of Revelstoke/ Sicamous, BC those minimum student numbers are subject to change.

CA$210 + GST / Student

Introduction Course Schedule

Day 1

Parking Lot Meeting 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM

Bring your coffee and get comfortable as we will be diving right into the course at 8:00 am sharp. The morning meeting will give you a quick look at avalanche forecasting and a look at avalanche rescue gear. 

Field Instruction 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

With time being limited please show up to the course with your sleds, gear, and food ready to make the move to the mountains. We start with avalanche rescue equipment, then move on to avalanche rescue techniques and planning. You will be getting hands on instruction with your equipment and mock rescues. As we travel through the back country, we stop to point out key things such as avalanche terrain and instruct you on proper traveling habits in avalanche terrain.  Stopping and sticking our head in the snow is a key component to understanding avalanches so be prepared with warm gloves and a toque.

Further Hands-On Learning