Online Avalanche Safety Courses

Soul Rides has spent the last 15 years honing its avalanche educational process for the motorized community to produce industry leading education and content. We focus on the back country snowmobiler’s and snow bikers specific needs. For Riders by Riders. With Soul Rides the key messaging to our community being Hands-On Training Course. We also understand that quality education can be challenging to find in some areas.

Soul Rides created an E – Learning program for our community. It is our hope to help you, the student, to realize that not all avalanche education is created equal. Our recommendation with this program is to use it in conjunction with hands on in field training from a quality motorized avalanche skills provider in your area. We welcome any chance to recommend a provider close to you to work with. We have worked throughout North America to help shift the motorized culture, as well as the avalanche community, to develop higher standards of avalanche education that match the needs of our evolving sports. We bring an unmatched amount of passion to what we do. The years of experiences and the love for these sports keeps us driven to push and progress.

If you are planning to do hands on, in field training with Soul Rides, starting with our E – Learning program can be a fantastic way to get the best out of your hands on, in field course with us. With this there will be some overlap between the online and in field programs, helping you to retain as much information and skills as possible. We want to make sure you, the student, understand this E-learning is NOT a replacement for HANDS ON EDUCATION. Applying knowledge in the field with a trained avalanche professional is the best way to retain the knowledge you need to manage avalanche hazard and risk.

Module 1: The Big Picture

This module is a look at what avalanches are and how they affect us as motorized users. We will be covering what the current industry best practices are, avalanche rescue gear, rescue planning, what is and how to identify avalanche terrain, avalanche bulletins, and a short case study. Our goals are to give a solid overview and set the tone for the E – Learning program we have developed.

Course Length: 30mins
CA$20 + GST / Student