Motorized Wilderness First Aid

Experience the finest and most all-encompassing training program available, specifically designed to provide relevant and practical first-aid knowledge for those engaged in seasonal outdoor activities or short-term wilderness pursuits. Our Wilderness First Aid course spans two days and serves as an introductory platform for essential medical concepts and fundamental life support skills. Tailored to cater to outdoor enthusiasts embarking on day trips or brief adventures, this course is instructed by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in patient care and backcountry environments. Consider this: in the event of an injury, do your fellow riders possess the necessary know-how to provide proper assistance? It is crucial for every member of your riding crew to possess the skills to effectively manage emergencies. Our program offers an excellent starting point for your journey towards preparedness. However, for those seeking a higher level of proficiency, we highly recommend enrolling in the Motorized Wilderness Advanced First Aid course.

All our Motorized Wilderness First Aid Training Courses require a minimum of 5 students for custom bookings. If we only have 5 students, we reserve the right to add more students to the schedule as we need a minimum of 8 people currently. (We hope to reduce this number in the future) If we travel outside of Revelstoke/ Sicamous, BC those minimum student numbers are subject to change and or the price per person.

Please read in full and understand all the risks and functional positions needed before committing to a course. Links below

Soul Rides Release of Liability / Functional Position Description

COST: CA$400 + GST / Student

Course Description

Sample Schedule

Day 1 – 08:00am to 05:00pm Introduction/Registration; Systems Based Critical Thinking; Infection Control; Patient Assessment System; Circulatory & Respiratory Systems; Adult CPR; Basic Life Support

Day 2 – 08:00am to 05:00pm Quiz/Case Studies; Nervous System, Spine Management; Musculoskeletal Injuries; Lifts, Moves, and Extrications; Splints – Extremities; Patient Assessment Drills

Course Content

Course topics are:
Patient Assessment System; CPR; Circulatory System; Nervous System; Respiratory System; Fractures, Stable Injuries; Splints 1-Extremities; Hypothermia; Hyperthermia and Heat Illness; Near Drowning; Lightning Injuries; Wounds and Burns; Anaphylaxis; Lifting, Moving Extrication; Patient Carries; Backcountry Medicine


Patient assessment drills and simulations will be specific to the group, the environment, and the context of operations or the activities performed in the field.

Given the short duration of this course, emphasis is placed on hands-on activities, including PAS drills as a major learning tool as opposed to long lectures.

Elective topics to specific environments (altitude, tropical, SCUBA, offshore medicine, etc.) can be added to the WFA course content. Please talk to the office or instructor at the time of booking.


This course is traditionally scheduled for two days or 16 hours of instructional and practice time. Upon successful completion students will receive certification in Wilderness First Aid and Adult CPR.

Included Materials

All teaching materials will be at no additional cost. Students will receive the following books on this course:

  •  Wilderness First Aid Guide
  • SOAP Notebook
  • Wilderness and Rescue First Aid


Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills, and a successful grade on a final written exam.


Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in this course. Those under 18 years of age require the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Upgrade Your Skills

Motorized Wilderness Advanced First Aid (M.W.A.F.A)

Introducing a beginner-level program specifically designed for snowmobilers and snow bikers seeking to venture deeper into the backcountry. Motorized Wilderness Advanced First Aid offers comprehensive medical training tailored to wilderness leaders who frequently navigate remote and challenging environments. Unlike standard first aid courses that focus on urban settings, this program addresses the distinctive demands of wilderness settings. It equips participants with the necessary skills to effectively manage medical emergencies in scenarios where access to hospitals and rescue services may be limited for extended periods. Students will learn to handle situations involving prolonged patient care, harsh environments, and the need to improvise equipment. This intensive 4-day course also covers Motorized Emergency Response Planning and Motorized Backcountry Extraction training, enhancing participants’ preparedness. We highly recommend this course as a minimum training requirement for riding groups looking to expand their mountain exploration. An added advantage is that successful completion of this course allows participants to progress to the more advanced level of Motorized Wilderness Responder training in the future.