Motorized Mountain Skills Mentoring

Our team of instructors is dedicated to enhancing your riding expertise, regardless of your current skill level, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional in backcountry riding. We will carefully evaluate your knowledge and abilities and collaborate with you or your group to refine your skills. Similar to learning to drive, mountain riding requires practice to become a proficient rider, and continuous practice and education are necessary to navigate the backcountry safely. Understanding avalanches, extraction techniques, survival strategies, and effective communication can be a challenging journey. Through mentoring, students have the opportunity to apply the skills they acquired in previous courses. However, comprehending and applying all the information learned can be demanding. By dedicating a day or two during your riding trips to focus on honing your abilities, you and your group can greatly improve your implementation of best practices and develop a better understanding of when to push boundaries or exercise caution in decision-making.

Mentoring days can be booked as an individual day or we can schedule multiple days, making this very customizable to your group’s needs and trip schedule.

(M.M.S.M) Mentoring requires a minimum of 5 students for custom bookings. If we travel outside of Revelstoke/ Sicamous, BC those minimum student numbers or price per person are subject to change.

CA$220.00+GST/Student Per Day