Ely Walsh

Mr. Ely Walsh, self-proclaimed man of mystery. Ely works tirelessly on any project he sets his sights on to master it. He is an accomplished risk manager. From big mountain skiing, snow machining, skydiving and even developing the skills to be a human flying squirrel (wing suiting). Ely leaves no stone unturned honing his skills. Ely invested himself in learning every educational option in North America to hone the skills needed to be a quality motorized avalanche educator. He is the only person on the planet to have personally done every other provider’s motorized avalanche entry level course, just to make sure what we teach is the best of the best. His preferred nickname is Goose. Yes, just like the guy in the TOP GUN movie. Ely is also the owner of an elite snowmobile accessory company, www.kyber.one. He not only leads the business but is also the key product designer.

  • Avalanche Operations Level 1
  • Wilderness First Aid Level 1
  • American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education Pro Level 1
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Active Member