Motorized Avalanche Skills Training

Soul Rides is an avalanche education and consulting business based out of Revelstoke, British Columbia Canada. We are passionate industry leading professionals delivering and creating customized avalanche education. With twenty-five plus years of experience in the backcountry we have honed our training programs to focus on the needs of the motorized community. We provide our clients with the best training in the industry.

Personalized Hands-On Training

Our classes are entertaining and interactive. We keep our groups small, mobile, hands on, and in the field to get the best possible retention for our students. We currently offer Avalanche Awareness Talks and in field Motorized Avalanche Skills Training (MAST) levels 1,2 and 3. Soul Rides also uniquely offers online E- learning options. With a graduated educational process, we work with the students in the field to develop the ability to apply the knowledge.

All-Encompassing Experience

Soul Rides offers an assortment of additional resources you may need to make sure you have the best experience including online E-learning tools, snowmobile rentals, and top of the line avalanche safety gear. If you need it, we will have it.

If you’re looking to customize a small group course or package it with lodging to get the ultimate experience, contact us at any time to see how we can create the education your group needs. And yes, if you need us to travel, we do that too.