Online Avalanche Learning

Soul Rides has developed an online educational program, to help our clients in the motorized community develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage avalanche risk when in the backcountry. It is EXTREMELY import for everyone to know that learning online DOES NOT and WILL NOT ever replace getting a quality in field Hands-On Training Course.

Throttle Decisions

This 8-chapter series gives you a great overview of the key things back country riders need to understand before heading out into avalanche terrain. We suggest viewing all eight chapters before subscribing to any of the Soul Rides online E-Learning Modules or registering for a Hands-On Training Course.

E-Learning Modules

Soul Rides has developed a subscription-based E- Learning program for motorized back country riders that are keen to get the jump on the knowledge they need to enjoy pushing their limits in avalanche terrain. In NO WAY does this replace the need for proper, high-quality, in-the-field Hands-On Training!